The Gift of Art
A gift certificate is always a perfect gift! Your generous gift allows your friend,
colleague or loved one the opportunity to select one of Chuck's beautiful,
one-of-a-kind works of art that speaks to them on a very personal level. The
recipient can choose from artworks in all sizes and subjects, framed1 or unframed.
They can shop from the website, request to see additional painting options via
email, or, if they desire, make an appointment to visit and select a piece directly
from Chuck's studio2. Paintings can be shipped, via your choice of carrier,
anywhere in the continental U.S.3

You will receive a beautifully appointed gift certificate via the U.S. Postal service,
in the amount you have selected, that you may personalize for the recipient. Gift
certificates are valid for one year from the purchase date.

Please select from the following options for your gift certificate, and then complete
your purchase through PayPal.

Have a question for Chuck?

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Gift Options

Thank you for your patronage.

We Iook forward to helping you provide and enjoy
the gift of art!

1. Framing is additional
2. Located in the Los Angeles area
3. Shipping is additional
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